ASUS tablet to run Android, Windows or both

We know that ASUS are fully exploring the possibility have dual booting with their laptops, and we have seen some tablet prototypes that aim to do the same. Now, however, an official tablet has reached the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) that gives approval for devices to be launched to the public. This tablet is the ASUS M80T, and it will also run multiple operating systems.
There will actually be three primary variants. One will run only Android, another only Windows and the third will run both. This means that you will be able to use the OS you prefer for a specific task, or just have both available if you are indecisive. There aren’t many other clues as to the tablet’s nature, and we also don’t know when it will ship. ASUS do have the tendency to announce devices at CES every year, so we could possible know all about it within the next month or so.
Source: Ubergizmo

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