130 HTC Ones create ultimate smartphone photobooth

Qualcomm wanted to demo how powerful the Snapdragon 600 chip can be, and decided to create a cool bullet time photo booth using 130 HTC Ones on window mounts attached to a spiralling rail.
Actors (and dogs) were placed in the midst of the ring, and caught in a full 540-degree of excellent special effect footage that freezes space and time much like Neo can do. Okay, so actually it is just stills from the live video and cleverly stitched together, but just allow me to indulge my inner geek.
This isn’t really new though, as you can find similar footage all over YouTube, but it is pretty slick to watch. They also have a poll to see where to send the roving studio next, which you can find at the source link. Be sure to vote for your closest spot, and if you get a chance to check it out make sure to use your Android to get some cool footage of it all.
Source: Qualcomm Snapdragon