Tell-all book on Twitter's early days to be released November 5th

Some of the most intimate details about one of the world‘s largest social networks, Twitter, will all be revealed in a new tell-all book titled, “˜Hatching Twitter‘.
The book, set to be released in less than a month on November 5th, was written by New York Times columnist and reporter, Nick Bilton.
The book mostly revolves around the early days of Twitter and push to make it what it is today. The social networking company was founded in March of 2006 and officially launched in July that same year.
The front cover of the book reads: “œA true story of money, power, friendship and betrayal“. By this tagline alone, the book already suggests that there are some gritty details we don‘t know about the rise of the social giant. 
One of these not so media friendly details include the fact that Twitter‘s co-founder and current chairman, Jack Dorsey, almost left the company to join Twitter‘s biggest rival, Facebook.
This was after he was apparently asked to step down as the company‘s CEO.
More juicy details include the early expulsion of other co-founder, Noah Glass. Glass currently does not serve on the company‘s board and is only credited as a co-founder.
It also seems the internal struggle for the top spot as CEO was an ongoing battle between the founders. The book also tells the story of the forced resignation of co-founder, Evan Williams from the (apparently coveted) position of Chief Executive Officer position.
The book is receiving widespread attention and it seems many critics and all round readers alike are waiting in anticipation for the November 5th release date.
“˜Hatching Twitter‘ will be published through Portfolio, an imprint of The Penguin Group.
I wonder if this book will result in a film. Just like the Facebook movie, “˜The Social Network‘ – perhaps this could be “˜The Other Social Network‘.
Would you read the tell-all Twitter book?