Man applies for auditor-general position; gets slammed over Facebook profile

And so another person learns that posting controversial content on social media has consequences.

Avhashoni Ramikosi, a chartered accountant for SARS, is the latest (seemingly clever) person to come under fire for what he posts on social media.
According to the Sunday Times, Ramikosi went for a job interview as a possible candidate for an auditor-general position last Wednesday. Mr. Ramikosi was then completely taken a back when Ministers of Parliament asked him about his Facebook account and the content he has been posting on it.
Apparently, the MP‘s didn‘t hold back during the interview and questioned Ramikosi about (what they believed were) inappropriate posts and strong political views – that he obviously shared with his Facebook friends.
And exactly what was the content that the MP‘s deemed “œinappropriate“? Well, one of Ramikosi‘s posts included a picture of young girls exposing their breasts, with super-imposed “˜prices‘ on them. The picture then proclaims “œour bodies are for sale“ in Tsonga.
Another post that concerned the MP‘s, was Ramikosi‘s “˜strong‘ political opinion. In one of his posts, he mocked the newly formed political party, Agang SA, by asking whether the new party was just another “œwasted space like Congress of The People (COPE)“.
Ramikosi, who was obviously rather shocked, claimed that the pictures of the naked girls ended up on his Facebook profile after he was tagged in them by a friend.
He then went on to say  that he will learn from this (as he should). Ramikosi said: “œIt is a lesson that one can never be too careful. It‘s been an enlightening experience for me. What I do know is that my ethics and integrity are not questionable at all.“
A member of the Democratic Alliance, John Steenhuisen, told Ramikosi that posts such as these could have a negative effect on his political independence, should he be offered the job of auditor-general.
Steenhuisen said: “œIt is inappropriate. If you are applying for a job like that of auditor-general, you have to be above reproach and squeaky clean because any inference that you are not could impact on the credibility of a supreme body of a country“.
This is just another case of think before you do. Social media has made it possible to share your life with millions – and you should be careful, because you never know who is watching.
Perhaps Mr. Ramikosi and others applying for VIP jobs should learn how to use Facebook and other social networks properly before posting anything.
By simply changing your privacy settings or untagging yourself, you could score that dream job.
Source: Business Tech