Q-KON’s HotZone Solution to increase connectivity in Africa

, a South African based engineering group that provides turn-key solutions and managed network services to the African and South African telecommunications industries, has launched a HotZone internet access and distribution solution.
The offering is primarily aimed at entrepreneurs who want to leverage off connectivity for their businesses as well as establishments that want to provide this service to patrons and guests.
The StarLight HotZone consists of a VSAT terminal, wireless access controller with a printer and a keypad. It comes pre-configured with 4Mbps downlink speed and 512Kbps uplink speed and works on a franchise basis.
“œAs the business owner you can select your profile on-line once the satellite terminal is installed and functional. Monthly base bundles and top-ups can be purchased online without call centre intervention, and allows for total freedom to operate your business according to your own requirements,“ explains Juan Prinsloo, Senior Executive: Products of Q-KON.
“œLodge owners, hotel managers and campus managers can implement the solution and enable users on the premises to start using voucher-based WiFi internet with minimal complexity. Vouchers are issued by selecting the required data package on a keypad and the voucher is printed for the guest to use,“ he adds.
Logistically, a would-be investor or franchisee in internet services needs to install a VSAT antenna with a satellite modem, access controller, voucher printer and keypad at their premises. Once the site is activated by the Q-KON Networks Operating Centre (NOC), the franchisee engages Q-KON to purchase the pre-paid data bundle using the online user portal.
A guest can buy a voucher in any of the designated denominations which will be printed with an access code and PIN, typed into the portal page when accessing the HotZone.
“œOur intention with this solution offering is to broaden access to connectivity across the continent and to address the requirement by entrepreneurs for quick, hassle-free, reliable and cost effective connectivity. We believe we have achieved our objectives with this release,“ Prinsloo continues.