Google execs to build private airport in San Jose

If you thought owning your own private jet was the ultimate luxury, imagine having your very airport at which to take-off and land.
Well Google’s executives will be doing just that with the construction of their own airport in San Jose, California. The top three – Eric Schmidt, Sergey Brin and Larry Page reportedly already own about 12 planes between them so it’s understandable that they require somewhere to hold and maintain them.
Signature Flight Support and Blue City Holdings, the company that represents Google‘s fleet of personal aircraft, are likely to be awarded the 50 year lease on the West side of San Jose International Airport where the construction will take place.
Currently a parking lot next to the San Jose Airport, Google will spend approximately $82 million transforming 29 acres into a functioning private airport.
According to a press release issued by San Jose International Airport the facility will include an executive terminal, hangars, ramp space accommodating large business jets including a Boeing Business Jet and Boeing B767 and aircraft servicing facilities.
We’ll take one too please!
Source: Business Insider