D11 opening interview with CEO Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook was the opening speaker at the D11 conference that kicked off on Tuesday.
At D11, Cook sat down with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher to answer questions about  the tech Apple has in the works, the declining stock price, its competitors, acquisitions, Apple TV and the on-going Apple/Samsung patent wars.
Apple recently made headlines when the company faced The US Senate (watch it here) about its very clever but questionable tax strategy, also addressed in the interview on stage.
Mossberg and Swisher dive right in  – overall, if Apple is in trouble, Cook says “absolutely not” noting Apple’s astounding sales figures including 85 million iPhones sold last quarter and customer satisfaction numbers being “off the charts”.
About its competitors, which are ever-present, Apple has “always suited up and fought” said Cook.
About it’s tax strategy, Cook says that Apple do not use tax gimmicks but explains it as a “Band-Aid-and-paper-clip kind of thing”.
As for what Apple has in the works, Cook doesn’t reveal much. No surprise there. He only says that Apple will be rolling out the future of iOS and OS X at its WWDC in June 2013.
Cook even went so far as to say that Google Glass is probably “not likely to be a mass-market item” appealing only to a particular market. However, the concept of wearables as a broader market could be a “profoundly interesting area of technology” praising the Nike FuelBand and commenting that the wrist is a more natural area for a wearable device.
A recently discovered patent filing for a slap bracelet design watch with flexible display reveals Apple’s possible foray into the wearable device arena.
About the Apple/Samsung spat Cook says that one benefit for the whole industry is that “companies haven‘t been able to use standards-essential patents to get injunctions on other products and that we‘ve run the standards-essential question largely to ground”.
And there’s more…
Read the full D11 opening interview on All Things D.

  1. And we care about this why? Iphones dont even account for 15% of phones in SA. Wish SA media would stop hyping apple. They produce average devices that the majority dont support yet we need to know everything about them.

    1. What exactly is your point? That South Africans do not care about the world’s largest technology company?
      If you are not interested in it, do not read it. Quite simple really.

      1. Basically, yes. You must be American, Jim sounds American. Send from your iphone? Btw, world’s largest technology company is Samsung.

        1. No Paul, the world’s largest technology company is Apple when you look at market capitalization and profits. People care about Apple, even in SA, so get off your high Samsung-stained horse.

          1. Theunis you might want to recheck your facts, last year (2012) Samsung had a revenue of $188.1 billion, apple only had $156.5 billion. How can apple then be the largest? Don’t let your love for the apple influence your comments, it makes you look stupid. With less than 15% market share I don’t think people care about apple in SA. You obviously do, isheep.

          2. So all news sources in SA should ignore Apple. Paul has spoken!
            Paul – do you actually believe what you are typing? Why do you click on Apple stories if you feel it is irrelevant?

          3. I did not read the story, only scrolled to the end to view my opinion. David, give me one good reason why you feel we should care about apple stories.

          4. There is a huge difference between revenue and profits. Get your facts straight.

          5. Depending on what you want to judge a companys performance by, net profit might be what you are looking at, but what about market share or units sold. Its not just all about net profit. BTW it is projected that Samsung will overtake apple based on net profit this year anyway. My statement was just a little ahead of time.

    2. Paul – BWB tries to report on stories it feels is relevant, and that includes to South Africans as well. Thanks for your feedback.
      But I cannot help but wonder about your statement.
      “they sell average devices that the majority dont support”.
      1) “Average devices” – your opinion. Some people do like their stuff. They make the best selling phone in the world. They also make the best selling tablet in the world. They make some very good computers. That makes it relevant, even in the South African news. Regardless of what you think.
      2) “Majority dont support” – that is just a silly statement.
      Here is an idea – click on some other stories then. Solved!

      1. BWB is comprised out of individuals with their own ideas and thoughts and naturally bias will enter. Tech press has forever been in love with apple giving them special treatment and coverage. I am well aware that people do like their stuff, thats why they are number 1 in the US, and only there btw. Silly statement or not, majority of people in SA do not have iphones or ipad or other i-devices. I don’t read articles covering apple, and neither did i read this one!

        1. Just so that I understand this better –
          “I don’t read articles covering apple, and neither did i read this one!”
          But you decide to comment on something you never read about?

          1. My comment was directed at the coverage of apple, not on the content of the article. I can see how you would assume it was on the content of the article as people tend to post comments after reading the article.

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