How to enable LTE on your Vodacom iPhone 5

While the iPhone 5 was not a massive upgrade from the previous 4S model, the addition of high speed LTE networking is something a lot of people have been looking for. But it arrived on SA’s shores without LTE enabled for any of our networks.
Problem is that Apple approves networks before they enable LTE on their iPhones – and if the networks dont have Apple’s approval, the phone simply would not connect to the LTE networks, even if they are available. While some might argue that it is typical from Apple to try and control these things, maybe Apple would want more tight control over anything affecting reception after the Antennagate issues of the iPhone 4.
Luckily Vodacom now has LTE enabled for contract iPhone 5 devices – MTN and Cell C has no such support right now, despite carrying the iPhone 5.

How to enable LTE on the iPhone 5:

  1. Download the latest software update – Settings -> General -> Software Update -> Download and Install
  2. Make sure LTE is switched on in Settings -> General -> Cellular -> Cellular Data Network.
  3. Call Vodacom at 155, and ask them to enable LTE on your line. You will get a SMS confirming this.

Make sure your APN has changed to LTE:
Once installed – make sure to change your APN: Settings -> General -> Cellular -> Cellular Data Network. Your APN should be changed to
We were lucky enough to try it out in Johannesburg, and the performance was brilliant. We managed to hit just under 20 Mbps consistently – only time will tell whether Vodacom can sustain these speeds as more LTE devices connect to its network. What is strange is that the iPad 4 and iPad Mini does not have LTE right now on Vodacom – despite having LTE support. The iPad Mini and iPad 4 does support the 1, 3 and 5 LTE bands that Vodacom uses (as stated by Apple’s support site).