Is Apple planning a new Mac Mini?

According to 9to5 Mac, Apple are planning to announce a brand new Mac Mini to be released alongside its new iPad Mini the details of which have yet to be officially confirmed by the company.
Sources tell the website that “the Mac Minis will come in two standard configurations, with different storage and processor options, and a third model that runs OS X Server”. That statement might not mean a lot, but we reckon we can at least look at latest generation, more power efficient Ivy Bridge processors from Intel, which will help Apple’s mission to push the Mac Mini as a “green” machine.
Dream features we hope for in the little Mac are also an additional Thunderbolt port, and easier upgrading of the hard drive inside. With Apple’s recent more aggressive move to Solid State drives, expect more options in that area as well.
The sources also suggest that the new Mini Macs will ship immediately after the announcement.