Android fragmentation continues to lessen

Fragmentation between devices and version of Android is a major pain to many users and a large reason why some people do not prefer the platform. Personally, I love Android and its openness, but won‘t make myself susceptible to fragmentation; therefore I have been rocking Nexus devices for years. Getting the latest versions of Android is an imperative to me, as for others. Admittedly, though, the problem is becoming less and less of an issue, as manufacturers seem to be releasing updates more frequently and quicker after Google releases the software.
Google has released its latest saturation figures, and for the first time in years, Android‘s version 2.3, or Gingerbread, isn‘t on the highest percentage of Android devices. Jelly Bean finally has that honour, with 40.5% of all Android devices. Gingerbread is still hanging on stubbornly at 33% and it‘s safe to assume that those devices will never receive an update. Interestingly, 0.1% of devices are still running Android 1.6 Donut from 2009. Come on folks, turn off those devices ““ it must be working like an old dog!
Source: Android Developers