App Developer Survey: Almost half have a second job

A survey of app developers recently conducted by Startapp reveals some interesting facts regarding the men and women creating the wonderful applications we use on an everyday basis. Nearly half of all app developers have a day job, while 32% of them are still working on their first application.
Unfortunately, we have no idea how many people were contacted or how they were chosen for the survey. Some other (random) facts:

  • Samsung is the most popular smartphone manufacturer among app developers.
  • 66% of all app developers post their app on Amazon’s Appstore in addition to Google Play.
  • 63% of all app developers develop apps for Android, while only 37% develop apps for iOS.
  • 19% of all app developers live in the U.S.
  • 14% of all app developers play cricket.

Check the infographic below for the full details: