Vodacom decreases roaming costs in some African countries

Vodacom customers can expect roaming savings when travelling to 6 African countries where Vodacom and Vodafone operate. These countries include the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique and Tanzania. Vodacom is leveraging its presence and that of its parent company Vodafone in these African countries, to provide customers who travel there with reduced rates applicable across the Vodacom and Vodafone networks.
The flat rates have resulted in roaming data rates being reduced by more than 70%, from R17,50/MB to R5/MB. While still not as cheap as local data, regular smartphone-carrying travellers will appreciate it. In addition, roaming customers will also enjoy free incoming calls when they travel in these countries.
Here is are the decreased call costs:

Data –       R5/MB*Data roaming is only available to Contract customers and charged in 10KB increments
Voice –       Free incoming calls-       Local Voice call – R2.90-       Call back to South Africa or an International call – R5.00*Voice calls are charged on a per minute basis
SMS –       Local and international SMS messages – R1.50 per SMS-       Free incoming SMS messages

Commenting on the new Africa roaming service, Romeo Kumalo, Chief Commercial Officer at Vodacom says, “œWe know that people want to remain connected whether they are at home or on holiday in Mozambique, and that nobody likes the headache of worrying about roaming bills.  What we‘re launching today is a solution to give our customers peace of mind when travelling. They now have one low roaming rate across our African family of networks and an especially aggressive data rate – just in time for the Easter holidays.“
These rates are only applicable when roaming on the Vodacom Lesotho, Vodacom Mozambique, Vodacom Tanzania, Vodacom DRC, Vodafone Ghana and Safaricom Kenya networks. The reduced rates will automatically apply to all customers who are roaming on the networks above. Standard roaming rates will apply if roaming on a non Vodacom or Vodafone network in these countries.