Dropbox Tests Automatic Camera Uploads

Beta versions of Dropbox for Mac, Linux and Windows has added automatic photo uploads, a useful new feature to the cloud storage service.
With Photo Stream, one of iCloud’s most appealing new features, Apple makes it easy for users to access photos on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iPhoto, Aperture or Windows Explorer automatically. This assists with backing up photos on a computer or keeping photos in the cloud storage.  The new Dropbox feature, functions in a similar way. Once the feature is enabled, by plugging in the camera or inserting a memory card, the user will automatically be given  the option of importing photos followed by that content being directly uploaded into the Dropbox.
Once “œStart Import,“ is selected, with the option of automatically importing photos from the device inserted, the process begins. All of the photos and videos are then imported to a newly created “œCamera Uploads“ folder within Dropbox. That folder is then synced with Dropbox‘s servers. So far, the process is quick and hassle free.
For people who generally avoid uploading their photos from their camera’s on a regular basis this tool ensures that all photos remain backed up in at least one more location (in addition to using iCloud).

The new Dropbox photo upload feature is currently available in the latest Experimental Forum Build of the desktop app. Mac users who want to stay on the cutting-edge with Dropbox updates should check out the MacDropUpdate utility.
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