Top Trending Twitter Topics of 2011

HootSuite Media company, What the Trend, analyzed 207,518 Twitter trends that surfaced in 2011 to determine the top trending topics of the year. To capture the conversation, localized trend information was compiled every 5 minutes from Twitter. The What the Trend community added context with user-contributed definitions. The review of the list provides insight into social media‘s impact on the many cultural aspects of our lives.
In order to put together the report, presented in an infographic, the leading trends were grouped by topic to create top 10 lists of movies, US TV shows, musical artists, sports leagues, and world news. There is also an overall list that included definitions for the mix of pop stars, sports and holidays.
Two of the top three trends are pop stars Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, taking first and third place respectively with the topic of football/soccer slotting in at second place.
View the results in the infographic below:

 source: HootSuite Blog