Facebook Begins Timeline Rollout

Facebook has slowly begun rolling out its Timeline feature beginning in New Zealand before making it available to all users of the social network.
Facebook first announced the feature in early September and soon afterwards opened it to the developer community, which the company has revealed led to one million users signing up to beta to access Timeline. Facebook has since commented that the feedback had been invaluable going forward.
Sam Lessin, product director of Timeline told the New Zealand Herald that “We chose New Zealand to be first – and I’ll probably get in trouble for saying this – primarily because it is an English-speaking country. It’s far away from our data centers, so we can monitor speed and performance.”
Timeline is a way for users to illustrate their entire life on Facebook, rather than just the one they have shared since first joining. Timeline takes a user’s major life events and organizes them chronologically, mapping them on a graphic in narrative format. Although the idea was widely praised, a few privacy concerns were raised including the feature visibly showing a user when they were ‘unfriended’. This, Facebook later said was a technical glitch and has since been resolved.
As Facebook ensures that the new feature is working correctly, it will slowly begin to roll out to all users around the globe.

Image credit: The Next Web