Microsoft Upgrades Xbox Live

will announce today that its new Xbox Live user interface that will go live on Tuesday, will transform television entertainment calling it ‘the future of TV’.  As part of the unveiling of the new Xbox 360 console’s dashboard, Microsoft will make available several new options for watching TV and movies on the Xbox, improve the ablity of using voice commands to move from one programme to another and also include cloud based access and storage for gamers to improve the basic gaming experience. One of the aims of the update, which can be downloaded in a matter of minutes,  is to improve the entertainment options people have in their homes providing access to on demand TV and user generated videos.
Ross Honey, general manager of Xbox Live entertainment and advertising said that “œWe think you‘re going to use one device for movies, music and games in the future. We want to make the content accessible and enhance the actual experience. We think you will will want to watch it on Xbox as it is more social and more personal.“
The Xbox 360 ‘s new user interface has been borrowed from Metro,  the square tiles and buttons from Microsoft‘s user interface for Windows Phone 7 devices with the Windows 8 operating system arriving next year featuring the Metro interface in smartphones, tablets and PCs. The point is that users will be able to use the interface to get to the entertainment more quickly without having to learn a new interface.

Voice prompts with Microsoft’s Kinect motion-sensor and voice communication system, can be used to find games, TV shows, movies and music that a user wants and then select the service that can best deliver the entertainment. For example, if a user wants to watch X-men, the voice command ‘XBox Bing X-men’ will pull up all X-Men related games and movies stored in the console. “Xbox Play X-Men” will begin playing the movie. The Windows Phone 7 smartphone can also be used to browse for shows, select one and then see the movie appear on the screen as the Xbox 360 fetches the movie from the cloud and streams it to the TV. To do so, a user will first need to get the Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone.
This leads to the best feature about the Xbox update  – the ability for a user to log into their gamertag identity on any Xbox 360 and due to the cloud storage,  play saved games or watch in-progress movies.

“œA lot of people have said they‘re going to reinvent television,“ Honey said. “œI‘m going to say it as well.“
Microsoft is rolling out the service slowly to ensure that it is functioning correctly with the new apps making their debut on the 6th of December in countries including the U.S., The UK, Japan, Germany and Spain.
source: Venture Beat