Flawed Study finds that IE users have the lowest IQ (Update: Hoax)

A recent study done by AptiQuant has found some very interesting correlations between choice of browser, and (apparently) the user’s intelligence. It was actually a pretty simple survey – ask the user to complete the IQ test, then use a sniffer to find out what browser they are running.
The results were pretty strange – Internet Explorer scored the lowest average score, with Chrome, Safari and Firefox scoring just above average. What is interesting though is that the more obscure browsers are typically used by users who have a higher IQ. These include Camino and Opera, and the smart little tool Chrome Frame.

But reading through the study makes you realize that it is not a particularly scientific study – through little quips like this in the conclusion:

“The study showed a substantial relationship between an individual‘s cognitive ability and their choice of web browser.

First off the survey is self selecting, and it assumes all users have control over what browser they use, and are using their first choice of browser, which is not always the case in corporate environments. One could also argue that in order to change a browser does require a higher level of knowledge though.
There is one problem with that argument though – IQ and computer literacy does not necessarily go hand in hand. We all know very smart people who have no idea how to install a different browser. And we all know less smart people who know how to use a computer very well. Yes, its an IQ score, but it still requires some computer literacy to answer it, which can affect the results.
This all just rings to me like Microsoft bashing. Do you really expect me to believe Opera users have the highest IQ?
So what do you think? Are IE users “dumber” than users of other browsers?
Update: Turns out was a hoax people. Good! Was wondering how anyone can have such a poor survey, and then call it a “study”. The guy responsible had the following to say:

“œThis was not a cheap publicity stunt, but an honest effort to create awareness about the incompatibilities of IE versions 6.0 to 8.0.“

Source: Aptiquest (find the survey results here)