Cell C takes aim at Vodacom's new look, but some "Whoosh" criticism still remains.

Gotta hand it to Cell C – they know how to do marketing right. Vodacom has recently switched to a red colouring, as you might have noticed. Now how does Cell C and Trevor Noah take a bit of that attention? Watch the video below:

“It takes more than a lick of paint to be number SA’s number one network, dont you think?”
One problem though – there is a lot of chatter going on on Twitter about the much reduced speed of Cell C’s network these days. Just take a look at @louisvdm and @sarietha ‘s tweets to see what I am talking about. There has clearly been some congestion issues, especially in Stellenbosch – clearly the students have all switched to Cell C for internet.

Clearly the Cell C sticks have been selling well, but maybe too well for Cell C to handle? The pricing is still the best on the market, with not one single mobile network trying to compete. A few months ago I posted my speeds using Cell C over a period of time, but my performance has always been very good.
So in a bid to get some real life speeds from more Cell C “whoosh” users, please contribute to BandwidthBlog’s Speedwave for Cell C users. Its pretty easy, connect to the internet with your Cell C stick, and then do a Speedtest using the following link:




At present the results look OK, but we do want a representative sample. So lets see how everyone’s Cell C network is performing? Are you a happy customer or are you becoming a bit annoyed as well? Let us know in the comments.


  1. My hate for Cell C’s mobile broadband grows every day, which is a direct inverse of the speed. Simon – Kloof Street, CT

      1. I would have loved it if Cell C would have come clean and admitted that there is a congestion problem (especially, say, in the Stellenbosch area), said that you are building a new tower, and the time frame for that being completed is a month (or two or three or whatever the case may be).
        And perhaps even stopped sales temporarily in affected areas, or put out warnings to sale outlets that were selling them in your name.
        Still, as king of the empire, your worries must have included possible brand harm (say, by thousands of tech savvy (future) workers in a university town all tweeting and blogging away) vs appearing less that perfect. I envy you not this choice.
        As a last point I have to say, I still appreciate the pricing of Cell C internet, which is the best, and your commitment to the mobile internet market.
        -Louis van der Merwe

  2. I just recently (after waiting for a very long time) got HSPA+ coverage at my house in D’Urbanvale..so at this stage I am very happy:-) We’ll see what happens when more people in the neighborhood discover it…

  3. I had to send my speedstick back because Whooshlesness.
    I would settle for a 1Mbps-mini-whoosh at their prices though, but unfortunately had to switch back to Vodacom

  4. Find mine crawls along very slow on an EDGE connection and only sometimes manages to find an HSPA connection, but not very often. Definitely got worse over the last 2/3 months!

  5. The Speed Stick 21Mbps is a piece of shit and i am not sorry for my words cause i mean really Cell C just screwed up everything when they went to this new thing with Trevor Noah…you cant get in touch with the leeze balls at the IT department…our house is 2KM away from a Cell C tower and we maybe get 1Mbps transfer rate….i will really show you what a speed stick is when i toss it through the window of your head office

  6. I live in Gardens, Cape Town. It falls in the one of cell c better coverage area or so they say. I hate this swoosh bullshit dongle crap. It is shaped to shit and always loses connection. I have tried to deal with cell c customer service but they are all fucking morons. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HOUR OF FRUSTRATION, TRUST ME INVEST IN THIS SWOOSH SUPER FAST INTERNET . It might be the cheapest option but only when it actually works……. while wriiting this i did a speed test guess what ” LATENCY TEST ERROR” fucking amazing. Now i have to wait for the the internet to come back on so i can post this. “pay up front” get ass raped later!

  7. performs pretty well…IF IT DOESN’T DROP THE LINE EVERY 5 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!! 

  8. Cell c has the worst customer service ive ever experienced, i swoped to them from vodacom because their cheaper but their network is always unreliable and their customer service is non existent, as long as cell c gets teir customers money they couldnt care less about them

  9. Cell C internet is pathetic to say the least, it is now slower than an old dial up modem. It was fast when it first came out, but im sure their purchased bandwidth allocation could handle 1000 customers, after that you must all share, and so the piece of pie that was large is now terribly small. Please dont waste your time and money on this poor product, rather invest in pidgeons!
    Ohh and Cell C, I live in Sandton, so dont come with “poor signal coverage” If it was fast when I first bought it, it can be fast now!

  10. I just signed up for 2 cell c whoosh contracts (1 x 5gig 12 months and 1 x 2 gig 12 months)! I am  not getting more than 200kbs download on either. Are you freakin’ kidding me?!? According to cell c’s map map I fall within their coverage area. I will be taking the usb sticks back to Nashua Mobile and throw a hissy until they take it back. Vodacom, here I come (again). Better the devil you know.

  11. I live in tygerwaterfront. I have a cell c 7mbps stick. It is the worst performing piece of shit i have ever spent good money on!

  12. I sincerely hope all the top management at cell c get crotch-rot. Free coffee is great, but it has fuckall to do with internet OR service. With 97% signal strength, I have to reconnect approx every 10 minutes. I’ve updated my creditcard details 4 times (though I still have the same card for the past 5 years). I’ve gone into the Canalwalk store 4 times to make sure I receive my statement via email. The only email I have ever received is from VVM attorneys. The only cellular communication has been an sms stating that my account has been handed over to the attorneys. I will be spending every Saturday outside some cell c store convincing people to NOT go in to a store. 

  13. Thank for all the insights. I will take this into account when I make my decision! Think it will be vodacom 🙂

  14. Error 619:A connection to the remote computer could not be established, so the port used for this connection was closed.   
    Had this message now for 2 months.  No data used at all, BUT paid for in advance.  Been on the phone with customer services on three occasions, waiting up till 45min just to have someone answer the phone, then to inform me that MAYBE we should do a sim-swop. Was told to get a new sim card and call back.  Did that, then informed it had to be a data sim card ?  Went to Cell C shop and had to pay R10.00 for a sim-swop on a normal sim card.  He doesn’t know what customer service is talking about. 
    Claimed to have fixed the problem, even went as far as getting the technician to check it. Got home to test and got my error message again.
    How is this for IRONIC.  The sales assistant that helped me actually said that MTM was a better option and that he has MTM as his service provider….he works in a CELL C shop ??!!
    Ripped off ….never purchase anything from CELL C..  Empty promises ! and false advertising.

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