Apple iOS 4.3 details surface – here is what to expect

Now that iPhone is available on MTN, it means that we are starting to see more iPhones on our shores, and it is no longer only available on a very expensive contract. The last few updates to these devices have been pretty great, and iPad users got a huge update in the form of iOS 4.2.
Apple has just released the beta version of its next update, iOS 4.3. Even with 4.2, there are certain things that Android seems to do better these days – and one of them has been “hotspot” functionality. This allows your phone to create a Wifi network to which other devices can connect to. Up to now iPhone allowed “tethering” only, but soon you will be able to share your wifi connection to those devices that only have a wifi connection available. Good examples of this is the Wifi-only iPad models, or if you got one of the new Wifi-only Kindles. To be honest, I will have decide whether I should keep on paying for 3G on my iPad
Here are some other great features to expect:

  • New Multitouch gestures: You can swipe four fingers left and right in order to switch between running applications. Almost like a “Alt+Tab” for iPad. You can also pinch with five fingers to bring up the home screen.
  • Lots of evidence of Facetime arriving on the next iPad. Its littered all over the code. Looks like the iPad screen resolution would stay the same in iPad 2G, so forget about a “retina” displays on the iPad.
  • iPad users can now choose whether the switch on the side of the device is for orientation-lock or muting the device.
  • Airplay is being shifted to other applications as well, provided they play videos in very specific H.264 and AAC standards.

Other things include small interface and usability changes, and bug fixes. However, being in Beta, there are probably a few new bugs. One thing which is not so great is that this beta release has not been made available for iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2g, which might indicate that these devices might not get any more updates. Which is not totally unexpected – the iPhone 3G is not a happy camper with iOS4, but 4.2 seems te run a bit better.
And if you are someone who wants to get an iPad because of all these updates coming soon, I would say hang on a while. While the iPad is not a waste of money, the 2nd generation iPad should be out within the next 3 months.