Proudly South African: Jungle Mumble story series for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Every now and then we have to step back and look at what great products come from South African developers – and this week we came accross Jungle Mumble, which is developed by the guys at 4i Software in Stellenbosch. While I am by now means someone who knows about child education, you have to appreciate these stories for kids.
The application runs as a storybook which is easy to follow, with great illustrations, with a African feel. The stories are narated as well, again with a African flavour. But the part I like the most is the humorous storylines. Abel with no Navel tells the story of a penguin who discovers he has no belly button, and then goes off on a journey to try and find out why is so different. Helix the African Snail wakes up one morning to find out that his house is missing. He goes on a quest to find a home that suits him, by consulting the other animals in the jungle. You get the idea…

If you are someone who has kids and you need to have them entertained on the go, you might want to put this on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad (with Android and Nokia touch screen support coming soon). Take a look at this demo video to get an idea:

Here is the Press Release:
African Stories Entertain Youngsters Around the Globe
Jungle Mumble is a series consisting of 5 interactive children‘s books for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.   With more than 24 hand drawn illustrations per story and narrated by SA‘s Got Talent semi-finalist, George Arrey, Jungle Mumble turns story time into an interactive experience for the whole family.
The idea of creating African-themed children‘s books came to life when 4i software development and Life is Awesome, both based in Stellenbosch, combined efforts to create something unique and special for the iPhone and more specifically the iPad.  Interest in the product encouraged the Jungle Mumble team to expand the product to include Android and Nokia touch screen devices.  The Nokia version is due to release on OVI by end of year and Android early 2011.
Jungle Mumble currently offers 5 unique stories featuring a whole cast of African animals like a lion, an ant, a crocodile and even a springbok.  Each story includes an educational aspect, teaching the child about animals found in Africa, but more importantly tying it in with a valuable life lesson.
Jungle Mumble is perfect for parents on the road and is an excellent alternative to playing games. With 5 new stories to be released early 2011, Jungle Mumble is sure to offer hours of entertainment for young and old alike.
“œThese days children are easily numbed to emotion due to too much voilence in stories. The first thing I noticed of Jungle Mumble was that my children easily related to the characters. They immediately connected with the different emotions – the upset giraffe, the shocked penguin and the sad crocodile. The little one is singing the song all ready!“
Amanda Kotzé  – mother of three
The first edition of the Jungle Mumble series is currently available internationally on the Apple App store.  For more information check