Site of the Week: App Hall of Fame

These days the Appstore on iPhone has become so massive that its pretty tough to find the best apps for a certain task. Whether its productivity, games or entertainment, you cannot simply go and download the most popular app of the week. While the popularity of an app might be indicative of how good it is, in many cases the top selling app in a week might be merely doing so well because it is on sale, or its just a “fad”.

Luckily there is now a source to quickly find the very best apps out there. No searching through Top 25 lists, just the very best.

Here is how it works:

Applications are nominated throughout each month by our knowledgeable (and good-looking!) committee members. Once each month, our committee will then vote on the nominated applications and induct, at most, 12 applications into the App Hall of Fame. Those inducted applications will be displayed on the site for all time as a reference to app lovers new and old.

Their first twelve apps have just been announced:

I have to agree with their choice for the first month, these are all great apps – I personally use Evernote, Twitter and Shazam. But I dont care about the games. While I do play Angry Birds and Flight Control, games typically fall in the “flavour of the week” category for me. Here is hoping they focus a bit more on actual useful apps as well.

While I am on about this – here is my own personal App Hall of Fame (excluding the ones mentioned already):

  • Facebook (has been neglected recently, but still a great app, in fact I never use the Facebook website)
  • News24 (I know, I know, but this is the best SA based news source on the iPhone)
  • CNN (Interface works well, and video clips are a bonus. You need a decent Wifi conenction though)
  • Beejive (The best IM client on the iPhone. Little pricey though)

At first App Hall of Fame will only focus on iPhone and iPod Touch apps, but they will approach iPad and Android apps in the future as well.