iPhone 4 to launch 22 September in SA?

Looks like it might be the case. Several sources on twitter is reporting that both Vodacom and MTN will be releasing the iPhone 4 on 00:00 on 22 September. Thats tomorrow night folks.

You can go pre-register for the phone over at Vodacom and MTN‘s websites. No info on pricing yet Update: iPhone 4 pricing for South Africa here, probably due to the operators not wanting to play their hands too early. But seeing as South Africa has traditionally had some of the highest iPhone pricing in the world, we can only hope for the best. Maybe the competition will fix things a bit.
I have tried phoning a few stores on where to get one, but clearly Vodacom and MTN’s own stores are not really kept up to date on the iPhone launch. And here I was hoping to get myself the best birthday present…