EasyAds from OfferForge reviewed

Guest post written by Marc Aston
Marc is always looking for ways to help bloggers monetise their content and are constantly exploring different advertising networks to see which generates the best return.
Initially we were reluctant to try out EasyAds from OfferForge as we were under the impression that it was little more than a rotating banner offering. However after taking a bit of time to further explore the offering and roll it out on a variety of our blogs, we have been quite impressed.
While we are relatively new to OfferForge, we‘ve had our most successful month yet with converted leads and sales being credited to our account.
In a nutshell EasyAds displays three text adverts with thumbnails in a banner. Bundublog has been using the 468X60 and 160X300 sizes.
In theory the ads are supposed to “œlearn“ which are the better performing campaigns and serve more of these to your blog. This will serve any of 50 plus adverts to the banner offering bloggers opportunities to monetize from pay-per-lead, pay-per-sale or pay-per-click campaigns.
As far as click through ratios (CTR) go, we have seen this improve to 0.78% from 0.68%.
For context, our CTR from OfferForge competitor TrafficSynergy is around 0.75%, but conversions from TrafficSynergy have been significantly lower than that of OfferForge.
The improved CTR we attribute to the text format which we think reduces some of the “œbanner blindness“ that image only banners experience.
On the negative side we have picked up a couple of typo‘s in the text ads which are glaringly obvious and need to be rectified. We are also not convinced that EasyAds is yet serving the most contextual ads to suit the blog content ““ e.g. on a financial blog we will see fashion and lifestyle products being advertised.
On the whole though, we believe that Easy Ads has been a positive revenue generator for some of the blogs on our platform.
About the reviewer
Marc Ashton runs Bundublog.com a free blogging platform aimed at the African continent. Apart from Bundublog, Marc‘s company owns a number of industrial titles aimed at the education, metals and manufacturing industries.