Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans opens in cinemas next week, and you might – or might not – be interested to know that a game is on its way shortly after.
The plot follows the Greek hero Perseus as he charges into Hades, defeating all manner of mythological beasties in a quest to… wait a second. Sounds very familiar. But before any gamers cry “God of War-alike”, it should be noted that this is only an updated version of the original, 1981 iteration of Clash of the Titans. So if the God of War team was honest about its inspirations,
The upcoming game is likely to borrow heavily from the succesful GoW formula. What we do like, is that developers Game Republic have tried spicing it up with some nifty features like co-op play and “customisable weapons”. A short sword-flamethrower combo? Probably not, but we like the innovative spirit, anyhow.
We know that games based on movies are usually terrible (we also know the opposite is usually true). But we’ll keep our fingers crossed that this one delivers at least a few helmets full of Greek-themed monster bashing fun.