Rugby is back in the game

Everyone thought badminton was going to be the next big thing. Three years later and still no rugger on a next-gen console. Criminal.

Mark it well: 2011. No, it’s not the year the world ends, silly. That’s when, finally, it gets a new rugby game. The last game to tackle the sport was EA’s Rugby 2008.  We’re not quite sure if they are involved again this time around, but what we do know is that HB Sports is officially working on an all new rugby game for PS3 and Xbox 360.
Oddly, the game was announced on The Rugby Forum, an obscure source for gaming news if ever there was one. These okes seem to be official partners in the game, which has us scratching our heads a bit. Since when does an ancient-looking web forum get to slap their name on a next-gen video game?
We await the first screenshots, and further news, with great interest.
[The Rugby Forum, via Lazygamer]