Flickr iPhone App

FlickrApp 002The guys from Yahoo & Flickr have released a new Flickr iPhone app(Open iTunes), which enables you to easily share the photos you‘ve captured with iPhone‘s camera, geo-tag them, and add them to sets. chart

FlickrApp 003

You can also view your Flickr contacts pictures, as well as view recently uploaded pictures by your contacts. You can also comment on your contacts pictures & videos, as well as an option to search for photos from within Flickr.

FlickrApp 004

FlickrApp 006

Overall the app has a very easy to use interface, which allows users to control thier Flickr stream and activity from the iPhone. I also enjoy the slide show on the front page, which shows your contacts (who have the app installed) Flickr stream in a slideshow. Very cool to watch

FlickrApp 005

To download the app, click here, or you can scan the QR Code at the top for a direct link
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