Wikipedia iPhone App Launched and We're Not Impressed

The Wikimedia Foundation may be a non-profit organization but that doesn’t stop them from getting competitive — which is great.
A few days ago, Wikipedia rolled out its first official iPhone application dubbed Wikipedia mobile which is available for free in the App Store (note: iTunes link). The new Wikipedia iPhone app has been designed to provide users with Wikipedia-formatted articles, but we’re being left in the dark as it doesn’t look anything different from a regular mobile Wikipedia website. Actually, it simply serve as a wrapper.


There are already interesting applications like the Taptu’s Wapedia, Wikiamo and Wikipanion, which are visibly better than this official Wikipedia App, that doesn’t even bring a single new element to the whole deal except for the fact that it can track your browsing history.
Our take on it? The official Wikipedia App will have to do lots of polishing to compete with the unofficial ones.