Twitsume, Make Your Twitter Resume

There’s a new Twitter application out there. We’re talking about the South African folks behind Twitsume — a free online résumé/CV product for the Twitter community.
Twitsume allows all the Twitter account holders to connect and create an online resume. The users have all the discretion to make their Twitsume public or leave it private courtesy of the user enabled settings. There’s also the option to hide a few aspects if you want to keep parts of your resume, private. Other than creating a resume, you can also see which of your friends or followers don’t have a Twitsume account yet, and you get to invite them.
Key features of Twitsume

  • Build your online profile by sharing your resumé with your Twitter network
  • View other people’s résumés within your Twitter network
  • Capture your résumé in a professional format and export email-able and printable versions

The interface has been built on PersonL  — the company’s recruitment management software suite. Though the Twitsume just took two months to take form, the PersonL has been 2 years in the making.
Looks promising. We have our eyes on you guys!