Apple to Build Their Own Chipsets

Isn’t it always nice to depend on yourself rather than other’s people work? Sometimes it is, sometimes it doesn’t. But Apple is in the first category. Apparently the Silicon Valley company is looking into building their own “multifunction” mobile chipsets,  a strategy shift that will not only protect their gadgets from rivals, but will also help bring some exclusive features in the long run.
Rumors have it that  Apple has been trying to hire people from many different segments of the semiconductor industry, like Raja Koduri, former CTO of the graphics product at AMD). They want to develop their in-house chips which are expected to consume less power“” a huge concern with devices like the iPhone or the iPod Touch, and to possible add better graphics that will lead to real time gaming or high-definition video playback.
That means that Apple not only wants to crush their competition, but they’re doing it by putting the client in the first row.
Of course somethign like this is not easy considering that we’re feeling the financial meltdown even worse these days, but given the recent success on a market that has been going South, Apple could be spot on.
Do you think it’s a good move?
[via WSJ & original image by joi]