Nimbuzz 2.0 for Symbian: A step up in user interface!

If you are currently running Nimbuzz 1.01 on your mobile, then you really need to get down and update it to the brand new Nimbuzz 2.0 for Symbian. The latest from one of the world‘s leading mobile messenger services, it offers you a step up from its previous version with greater ease in handling and operation on your mobile as you use it both for making calls and staying connected online with your chat buddies.
Nimbuzz 2.0 boasts a separate tab for chats that is quickly accessible, an option to sort your buddy list with ease, features that allow you to preset ringtones for chats (and calls separately), and also allows you to make Skype Out calls from the phone calls tab without any fuss.
The update allows for an ergonomic setting of all the options in your phone, and as a result you can now hide Nimbuzz by pressing the “˜hang up‘ button on your mobile (rather than exiting it altogether). With much improved SIP performance and reduction in having to switch between phone calls and VoIP calls from Nimbuzz, now you can operate your mobile from just one platform for almost everything. And the best part is that the latest 2.0 version for Symbian brings together your chat options, social networking needs and mobile calls all on one platform. Multi-tasking being well and truly redefined …
These guys have been really onto quality stuff lately. They filled the 3G VoIP void for iPhone, partnered with Toshiba and now onto the 2.0 version. Looks really promising!