Filling the 3G VoIP void: Nimbuzz unveils the ultimate iPhone VoIP app

After hearing that Toshiba selected Nimbuzz for the TG01 mobile phone, more good news came our way. Apparently one of the most comprehensive and useful iPhone/iPod VoIP application in the Apple store, Nimbuzz promises to allow you to make Wi-Fi calls to instant messaging buddies on your iPhone and also extend the calling services for VoIP calls to landlines and mobile phones with Skype Out. How? By using 10 VoIP partners that include famous providers like Gizmo5, Vyke, SIPgate and A1.
The 3G-enabled service not only offers greater connectivity for your iPhone, but brings in calling options for iPod users and even extends it those that do not have an access to Wi-Fi networks. Because Nimbuzz is smart! If you happen to be outside the signal coverage the app still allows you to make cheap local and international calls– using Nimbuzz‘s Dial-Up VoIP in over 50 countries.
And since Nimbuzz already has the iPhone and iPod users elated on this one, you can also receive Twitter feed updates from your IMs and also chat on sites like Facebook and MySpace