DocShots: Preview Documents in a Pop-up Window

If you have been using Snap’s Snap Shots on your site or have been browsing sites that use them, by now you already understand the comfort of having the facility both as a web page designer, host and user. It is this exact comfort and download link-free web page technology that DocStoc intends to extend to all your documents using their brand new DocShots feature.
The tool allows you to convert any document on a website into a link that provides an instant online document preview. This obviously saves downloading time for users and helps the web hosts in making their sites look a lot more attractive too. The best part though, is that it’s easy to use and is a free service for your Word, PowerPoint, PDF, and Excel files.
Using DocShots is also pretty simple and easy. All you need to do is sign up for the feature and after copying and pasting the html code, you can get an instant hovering preview link on the desired document. You can even specify the size of the preview window and that of the pop-up window.

While SmartLook has been offering a similar facility for long, the new DocShots are far faster and easier to use, making them an instant hit already
Pretty sleek isn’t it?Anyone been using them?