Adgator's advertising reach soars

According to the latest numbers released by Nielsen Online, Afrigator Internet PTY (ltd) has the ninth largest audience reach in South Africa. The new advertising reach is largely due to their Adgator network which serves ads on local blogs.
A spectacular growth of 1079% in just a month, Adgator managed to draw an astounding number of collective unique ad impressions from their blog advertising network – 628,878 impressions.
The success not only demonstrates the huge untapped potential that the blogging world holds in South Africa, but it also presents a new opportunity for advertisers to reach out to vast audience. Meanwhile they’ve been busy with quoting new deals with 343 of SA’s best blogs – a number that keeps growing.
Voted as one of the Top 10 International Products for 2008, it seems that the company is definitely on an ascending trend. Although we know they can deliver, we’ll have our eyes on the Afrigator dudes