Apple sued for iPhone 3G speeds

Apple and AT&T are facing two more lawsuits over what customers claim is poor iPhone 3G network performance and hairline cracks in the casing.

Florida residents Onel Gonzalez and Ron J. Brayteson filed a 24-page complaint in the Southern District of Florida on behalf of themselves and all members of the class in their state, demanding statutory, compensatory, and punitive damages plus interest. They also seek a ruling deeming Apple and AT&T’s practices ruled unlawful, an injunction preventing them from “continuing to disseminate false and misleading advertising,” and pay restitution for any ill-gotten gains.
Meanwhile, New Jersey resident Timothy Ritchie filed a 23-page complaint in the District of New Jersey for himself and all similarly situated members of his state, making the same demands as Gonzalez and Brayteson. Ritchie claims to have purchased his iPhone 3G in September 2008, while Gonzalez bought one in June 2008, and Brayteson in August.

The filings feature several pages of comments reprinted from blog posts and messageboards, including one customer who posted on Wired, “I have a brand new [iPhone 3G], and my home is inside an AT&T 3G coverage map (suburban area) and I NEVER get 3G reception. The iPhone flickers “3G” for a second or two and then it’s all Edge all the way.”
Source: Apple Insider