Google Reader Sports New Looks

First thing I noticed when opening up my Google Reader today was that it has a different color an that I have the option to hide those two menus up in the right to get more space for the folders. Recently we’ve seen Gmail changing the classic looks and offering a bunch of themes, so I suppose it was time for Google Reader to change clothes, too.
new google reader layout
The biggest change however, has to do with feed bundles which are small sets of feeds related to a topic that you can subscribe to all at once. No need to be done manually anymore, because Google managed to algorithmically generate them.
What changed? The “refresh” and the “show all update” buttons are in the subscriptions options menu, while the “Add subscription” button has moved to the top of the navigation panel.
With less rounded corners and emphasizing on shared content, the new Google Reader seems to be a bit faster and gives everything a bit more breathing room. Looks more web 2.0, right?