Innovation Fund to Support Technologically Novel Ideas

From my personal experience, the guys with the great ideas aren’t usually wealthy. They come up with an invention but because they can’t afford to file for a patent or to develop it, the whole thing may die or some big tycoon steals everything out.
That’s why there is now an Innovation Fund, that will support (actually support the costs) techno-entrepreneurs to file for a Provisional Patent application and will also help them seek commercial partners. If you ask me that’s a great way to encourage South African technopreneurs to do what they do best.
Innovation Fund
And if you ever wondered how far in tech South Africa is … have you ever heard of the Joule? The South African electric car?
That’s exactly what the IF Pattent Support Fund will do. Help you with your  intellectual property rights and commercialization of your innovations, until they hit mass production. A certain focus will be on those people from previously disadvantage backgrounds. The black people.
There are some requirements and rules that make you eligible, so if you have something worth seeing, check out these guys.