Ubiquity – a Mozilla Labs experiment

Those guys at Mozilla Labs are really trying to make our lives easier. They’ve just announced a couple of days ago, the release of Ubiquity which is an easy way to manage the vast resources of the Web to simplify their task at hand.
And they’re right, we really need it. But what’s Ubiquity all about? How do we use it and what do we use it for?
First of all Ubiquity is all about simplifying the way we do common Web tasks everyday. It extends the browser functionality easily and the user gets to control it with language-based instructions. That means we type what we want to do instead what they want to find. Second of all Ubiquity is not a Firefox Add-on, it’s a whole new UI.
Since these are pretty hard words how about an example.
Imagine yourself searching for a hotel in the Bahamas for you and your friends. Constant emailing between you and the guys that will join, is needed. You add pictures, you add maps, you find reviews and put them all in one email. But that’s a lot of work and most of the time is not visually enough. Want to do all these from a mobile device? That’s even tougher
In short, that’s what Ubiquity is going to sort out. But go ahead and check the user tutorial or install it and learn it on the go.