The New FriendFeed Design

There is going to be a new FriendFeed design and now that Bret Taylor posted it on the company’s blog, we know it’s going to be official.
The new look has a lot of new features most of them focusing on data organization, which will be integrated as FriendFeed get feedback from the userbase. The new design stays in Beta, until then.
Upload photos with new posts. That’s pretty neat and a lot of users asked for that feature. It allows you to select and upload multiple files to the system at once and without any other downloads.


Define friends lists. It actually means that you can organize your friends into groups. It may be the best feature of the new FriendFeed (and long awaited) because it eases up the “work” to find out what your friends have been doing lately.friendfeed-home-feeds.jpg
Other people’s home feeds. If you’re looking to more activity on FriendFeed then you definitely need to search for more people, so that the home feeds are there to help you out by offering the latest friends’ postings.
Most of these have been long waited on FriendFeed and I believe they’ll be received quite well. What do you think? Do you like the new add-ons?
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