Moli – another social network – raises $29.6 million

Have you ever heard of Moli. I can’t say I had until today when I found out that a new social network managed to raise $29.6 million. The first thing I can see about it is that it’s ranking #87,000 on Alexa while Compete said they had 48,000 visitors in December.
Moli, social media
I will let you be the judge for that one, because other than the standard features of a social network (profiles, comments or friends lists) I can’t find anything new for the market, hence they think “Moli is a next-generation social media community”. Oh yeah, there’s a “one account manages multiple profiles” slogan, but I’m not sure how innovative that is.
If you need to know more about Moli to make up your mind, other than the above, you should know they are part of Mainstream Holdings Inc which was founded by ex E*Trade CEO, Christos Cotsakos.
I am putting them in the pool for now, because the raised sum is way more than what the site offers and I don’t think Moli will take on FaceBook or LinkedIn any time soon.
via VentureBeat