Lyro – online business cards, huh ?

If you haven’t heard about Lyro yet, is the newly launched competitor of LinkedIn, the company where you can stay in touch with your colleagues, make new connections, business opportunities or share advice.
Because they have a business plan that is already on the market, to be considered a successful startup, Lyro needs to bring something new. Why would anyone move from LinkedIn unless there is something free that can bring benefits.
The first thing the company brings is some sort of online business cards (a profile) that you fill in with all your info and can be saved to your “pocket” or on your computer (yes it has Outlook Integration).
Another good point is the fact that these, online business cards on Lyro can get easily used on widgets, emails or even FaceBook applications that makes it a great tool for self promotion, like a real card.
The third thing I would have expected was finding connections easier, because getting info about particular users is not really easy on Lyro, and same goes for LinkedIn. It needs improvements and it can be done, but I am curious to know what will the price be.
Lyro might get its feet wet after a quick swim in the dead pool soon, but until then I will have my eyes on them.