Forget about landlines and save with VoIP the easy way

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Great developments in the ICT market this year (2007) opened up great new opportunities to save some hard earned cash. Vodacom dropped data rates, by as much as 61%, while also expanding 3G networks. MTN followed. Smartphones took off in a big way and clever developers seized the opportunity to get compatible software to market.
Fring is such an application. This great piece of software is easy to use, while also being feature rich. Registration and software installation is quick and easy. Just visit It is compatible with most smartphones. It enables you to make calls to your Skype®, MSN® Messenger, ICQ, Google Talkâ„¢, SIP and Twitter contacts. The best part is that it is all free. You only pay for your data, but at 10MB per hour it is hardly worth mentioning. The only obstacle to all voice communication to become totally free is that everyone has not installed it yet. It will happen. The drive is huge from the likes of Skype, Google, Fring and Yeigo to become the dominant player in the mobile VoIP arena.
I thought a comparison between Fring and Telkom would be of great interest to us South Africans, since our call and data rates are amongst the highest in the world. If you drop your landline and use this information, you could save good money. You also get to go totally mobile for good.
Just the fact that you have read this far, must mean that you probably already subscribe to some data deal. In my research I used the most expensive rate at R2.00/MB, so you should save even more. To simplify matters, only peak minutes was considered. This makes the table below relevant for small businesses. A thumb suck total, of 300 minutes per month, was divided into different call types. Voipcheap ( has the lowest VoIP rates in the world. All calls to the USA are free! All UK landline calls is also free. In this example the saving was 46%. I say it is well worth it. Go for it.
The Chart:
Other South Africa alternatives – Yeigo

  1. VoIP is the future !!
    There is a new VoIP provider just arrived from Europe in South Africa, they are called Wanatel, and they offer pretty good rates on Landlines and Cell Phone : R1.3.
    And the good ting is that they can give you a SA phone number! I like this new tech !!

  2. VOIP Helps Cuts Phone Bills! i am using VOIP for more then 2 years and sure i saved a lot of money on phone bills. particularly when traveling abroad. for example i traveled morocco for 12 days.
    in morocco they have what called cyber it is what we call internet cafe. it is a room with more then 10 personal computers. you rent a pc with internet and microphone and earphones for 6 dirahm (morocco currency 1$ = 7.8 Dirham )less then a dollar value 1 hour. you can make calls for 1 hour for almost free. i called my family everyday for almost an hour.
    read more on Voip

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  4. I really liked your analysis above and I hadn’t heard of fring. I’m going to check it out. I think voip is great and everybody should use it. I’m always looking for ways to cut costs.

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