Facebook ad:tech announcement

Zuckerberg announced today (read liveblog at TechCrunch) the new monetization scheme, Social Ads, to finally turn their billions of page views and detailed user information into dollar signs for Facebook, inc. I’m glad they’re looking at things other than the sidebar skyscrapper, because we, as users, STILL DON’T SEE IT. Whether it’s relevant or not, there’s so much to see and do at Facebook that we zone it out, worse even than the TV commercials that we half listen to.
Microsoft won‘t be serving Social Ads. This will be controlled by Facebook. Zuckerberg clarifies: “œMicrosoft is the exclusive third-party provider of IAB standard ads. This is not going to go through Microsoft. We think it is a different kind of advertising.“
“œThe pricing mechanism will be completely auction-based. People can either bid for a CPC or a CPM.“