MySpace opening up – Developer Platform launching

The launch of the Facebook Platform led to a massive increase in Facebook’s user base, not to mention a slew of applications that developers are hoping will manage to generate some kind of revenue.
As expected, Rupert Murdoch and Chris DeWolfe announced the upcoming MySpace platform at the Web 2.0 Conference tonight, with the new platform being a competitor to the Facebook platform. Check out Mashable’s coverage here.
From the looks of it, MySpace will be firstly offering up a directory of third-party widgets that have already been created for use of MySpace, helping users find content for their profiles more easily. This is a move that Apple has done a couple of days ago as well, acknowledging the benefits of supporting the developers that support their platforms. The open platform is schedule for release in the next couple of months, which will provide a set of APIs for developers to create apps that incorporate MySpace data, such as friends lists.
An interesting twist to the rumor of other social networks also readying their open developer platform is that, Tagged, the 7th largest social networking service on the web, (according to comScore) are building an almost exact replica of the Facebook API, to make it as easy as possible for developers to add their creations to the social network. This is a clever move for Tagged which will allow a stream of already created Facebook apps be launched on their network.