Rumour: Facebook To Launch MP3 Store?

Is Facebook planning on launching an MP3 store? Mashable this morning linked to a post on All Facebook that notes an “œextremely reliable anonymous source“ tipped off blogger Nick O‘Neill that Facebook is prepping to launch an in-house competitor to iTunes.One of the things that has driven Facebook‘s popularity since it opened to the general public was its clean interface. MySpace had gotten so over run with ads that you could barely navigate the site any more. Now Facebook wants to follow what could possibly be the same route, and not only that, but branch in to a market that doesn‘t seem to make a lot of sense for a social network.
Facebook has reportedly “œbeen searching for a CEO to head up this new subdivision“ and has “œbeen pursuing agreements with a number of record labels.“ O‘Neill writes that his most recent unnamed informant actually knows one of the people being interviewed for the job. We put in a call to Facebook to inquire further into the matter, but haven‘t heard back yet.
While “œrumor“ seems to have become Facebook‘s second name lately, maybe this lead has some substance. Facebook‘s roughly 40 million users are clearly music fans “” iLike, the third-party music discovery app, is the eighth most popular application on the site which means it could be a good fit.
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