Facebook to raise more cash

Facebook is looking to raise yet more money to support growth and possibly acquisitions. Existing investors include Accel Partners, Greylock Partners and Meritech Capital Partners, and Microsoft could potentially be part of the next round based on the existing deal they have with Facebook to serve ads. The investment would possibly be larger than the $25 million raised back in 2006, with a multi-billion dollar valuation for the company.
According to sources, after getting so many inquiries from investment funds and several bigger companies““such as its ad-serving partner, Microsoft““about grabbing a stake in the fast-growing social-networking Web site.
While who and how much is still unclear and, most importantly, in what form, sources said a deal could come together quickly if the numbers are lofty enough for the site, which has about 40 million members currently.
On a side note the Facebook developers platform also experienced some down time recently.
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