Goalmigo launch

Goalmigo is a social website that motivates people to reach their goals. The website offers a complete online system for setting, tracking, sharing, and achieving goals. Looking to see what people have posted so far showing things as insightful and unique as “œlose weight“ “œbe healthy“ “œfind a job“ and “œpost five things to the goalmigo blog“. The interface is clean and organized. Great for those who need some extra impetus in their lives. Once you‘ve registered simply jot down your goals (quick description, title) and the date by which you‘d like to accomplish them.
Some of the functionality is outlined on their blog

Define your goal ““ Goalmigo makes it effortless to define what you want to achieve, how you will get there, and when you will finish.
Involve friends and family ““ Goalmigo‘s system for involving friends and family as “œsupporters“ offers a boost in motivation by providing a source of accountability. Supporters receive weekly updates on how you are doing and can offer encouragement and advice.
Track your progress ““ Each goal receives its own webpage (that you can make private) where you can write updates and log your progress.

“The strength of Goalmigo comes from the fact that it bolsters offline relationships“”relationships with the people you already know“”in order to help you achieve your goals,“ says the founder of Goalmigo, Christopher Cummings.