Discord will soon work directly from your PlayStation 5

Sony is enhancing its Discord integration on the PS5, enabling users to join voice calls directly from the console. Previously, Discord support on PS5 required transferring a call from the Discord app on mobile or PC. With the new update, Discord will be integrated into the PS5 dashboard, allowing users to select the server or DM group they want to join.

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The update will roll out gradually over the next few weeks, beginning with PS5 owners in Japan and Asia, followed by Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and finally, the US and Canada. To access the new Discord integration, users must update their PS5 to the latest system software and link their PlayStation Network account to their Discord account.

“To start, select the Discord tab in Game Base within the PS5 Control Center and choose the Discord server or DM group you’d like to join,” explains Sabrina Meditz, senior director of product management for the PlayStation platform experience. “Then, select your preferred voice channel. This will reveal more details, such as who is already in the channel chatting. You’ll also receive a PS5 console notification when another Discord user calls you, allowing you to join right away.”

This latest PS5 update brings the Discord experience closer to what Microsoft offers on Xbox. Microsoft introduced Discord support on Xbox in July 2022 for testers, and in November 2022, rolled out an improved experience that eliminated the need for a phone. Additionally, Xbox users can stream their gameplay to friends via Discord, a feature introduced last year.

Sony is also introducing a feature that allows users to share their PlayStation Network profile on any messaging or social app. The new share profile option, available in the PlayStation mobile app next week, will generate a shareable link or QR code, making it easier for people to add you as a friend.