Home security is top of mind to most people in South Africa. There are several security systems available at various price points, linked to armed response or standalone, indoor or outdoor and perimeter systems and everything in-between. Our families’ safety is our top priority, and there are ever more systems available in the country to achieve that peace of mind.

Ajax is a relatively new entrant in the South African market and has grown to include links to private armed response services in the country. Ajax Smart Home Security devices offer a wide range of different detectors, alarms, sirens and motion cameras that are extremely easy to install and all managed from your smartphone. In our in-depth review of several of the Ajax Smart Home Security devices, we find out if this is the all-in-one solution for any home.

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The Ajax Hub 2 Plus is the brains behind the advanced security systems.  It stands out for its ability to connect and manage a huge number of devices, making it a central component for comprehensive security solutions.

Ajax Hub 2 Plus

Beyond a control panel, the Ajax Hub 2 Plus is the mastermind of your security. This advanced device acts as your security’s command centre, effortlessly orchestrating communication between various components to keep intruders, fires, leaks, and more at bay.

The Hub 2 Plus stays connected no matter what, thanks to its multiple communication paths.  It offers several ways to connect to you and monitoring stations:

  • Dual SIM Slots with LTE: This ensures your system stays online even if your primary network fails.
  • Ethernet Connection: Provides a reliable and high-speed wired connection for the hub.
  • Wi-Fi: Offers an easy and flexible setup without the need for cables.

The Hub 2 Plus can control and manage up to 200 connected devices with a single hub, which is an extremely powerful feature, especially if you plan to take advantage of the abundance of devices offered by Ajax.

The Hub 2 Plus takes security control to a whole new level with its innovative security groups. This feature lets you assign specific devices to different users, giving you granular control over various areas of your property. Imagine easily separating access between front and back entrances, or effortlessly managing security across multiple buildings – with the Hub 2 Plus, it’s all possible.

Don’t worry about intruders tampering with the brains of your security system. The Ajax Hub 2 Plus is built to withstand sabotage attempts with these robust features:

  • Instant Tamper Alerts: Any attempt to disconnect or damage the Hub triggers immediate notifications, keeping you informed of potential threats.
  • Uninterrupted Communication: The Hub constantly checks in with connected devices every 12 seconds. If a device fails to respond, an alert is issued, ensuring no security gaps go unnoticed.
  • Long-Lasting Battery Backup: Power outages won’t disrupt your security. The Hub 2 Plus boasts a 15-hour battery life, safeguarding your property even during blackouts.

The hub itself is well built and very easy to setup and connect to the Ajax app which is used to setup everything mentioned above and the rest of the devices in this review. The Ajax Hub 2 Plus is the heart of a powerful and user-friendly security system.  This central hub connects and manages a wide range of Ajax security devices, creating a comprehensive security solution for your home or business.

  • Multi-path communication: The Hub uses various channels (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, cellular) to ensure it stays connected and sends alerts even during network outages.
  • Anti-sabotage features: The Hub is tamper-resistant and constantly monitors connected devices, keeping you informed of potential security threats.
  • Security groups: This innovative feature allows you to assign specific devices to different users, providing granular control over security in different areas of your property.

Ajax MotionCam

MotionCam resembles the MotionProtect motion detector but includes a built-in camera module. Ajax developed a new proprietary data transfer protocol specifically for this detector, allowing it to use two protocols: Jeweller for alarm notifications and Wings for transmitting photos. The communication range extends up to 1,700 meters in open spaces, and the camera can capture images in the dark, transmitting them within 9 seconds. The process is so swift that it’s barely noticeable. For those who promptly respond to notifications, this device is a real time and stress saver.

Equipped with a built-in battery lasting up to four years (or 2.5 years with the “entry delay” function enabled), the battery status can always be monitored via the app. The detector features several anti-burglary functions, alerting you if someone tries to jam the device or detach it from its mounting. It is also protected against forgery.

The camera activates only when the security mode is on, and an alarm is triggered. There are three sensitivity levels. Generally, even slight hand movements are detected instantly by the MotionCam. However, it does not detect objects weighing less than 20 kg and under 50 cm in height, making it ideal for homes with cats. The motion detection range is 12 meters, and the maximum image resolution is 640 x 480.

There is one operational nuance: while the detector reacts to movement in any direction, the camera cannot capture what is directly beneath it for obvious reasons. With a horizontal viewing angle of 88.5°, the device should be installed according to the instructions shown in the picture, at a recommended height of 2.4 meters.

Ajax DoorProtect

The Ajax DoorProtect is a wireless door and window sensor that seamlessly integrates with the Ajax security system.  This sensor uses a reed switch, a magnetic field-sensitive switch, to detect when a door or window is opened.

DoorProtect boasts an impressive communication range of up to 1,200 meters in a clear line of sight. It utilizes the Ajax proprietary “Jeweller” protocol to ensure secure communication between the sensor and the hub, keeping your data protected.

The DoorProtect comes in two parts: the sensor itself and a magnet. The included magnets come in two sizes, allowing for installation gaps of up to 2 centimeters for the larger magnet and 1 centimeter for the smaller one, providing flexibility for various door and window frames.


The FireProtect Sensor is a two-in-one hero, detecting both smoke and abnormal temperature increases. Air is drawn into smoke chambers located on all sides of the sensor, protected by aluminium grids.

If smoke or a sudden temperature rise is detected, the FireProtect sounds a loud alarm through the built-in speaker for immediate notification. The LED Ajax logo on the front panel doubles as a button to initiate a live test of the detector, ensuring its functionality.

The FireProtect offers impressive versatility. It can operate independently for up to 4 years using its built-in battery, even without an Ajax Hub connection. However, it still seamlessly connects to the Hub for centralized management through the Ajax app.  The FireProtect inherits common Ajax device features, including a long 1,300 meter operating range, adjustable ping frequency (12-300 seconds), tamper alarm for anti-sabotage protection, and a convenient smart bracket for easy installation.

Ajax LeaksProtect

The LeaksProtect lives up to its name, offering peace of mind against unexpected water leaks.  Simply install it in areas prone to water mishaps, like under washing machines, dishwashers, bathtubs, or radiators.  No complex setup is needed – LeaksProtect boasts a straightforward, tool-free installation.

Thanks to Ajax Jeweller radio technology, LeaksProtect transmits signals to the hub from up to 1,300 meters away, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your property.

With a built-in battery lasting up to 5 years, LeaksProtect provides reliable leak detection for years to come. Plus, its IP65 rating guarantees protection against dust and moisture, making it ideal for areas near water.

Ajax HomeSiren

The Ajax HomeSiren is a powerful indoor siren designed to deter intruders with its loud alarm. Housed in a sleek fabric exterior, the siren can produce a range of sounds from 81 to 105 decibels, sure to startle any unwanted guests.

The HomeSiren offers flexibility through the Ajax app. You can assign it to specific zones within your security system, triggering the alarm only when sensors in those zones are activated. Alternatively, you can configure it to sound with any system activity.

The removable back panel provides access to a power button, QR code for easy pairing, tamper button for anti-sabotage protection, and even a port for connecting an external LED for even greater visual deterrence.

Ajax LifeQuality

Taking a step beyond traditional security, Ajax Systems recently introduced the LifeQuality Sensor, part of their Comfort & Productivity line.  While security is their core focus, they recognize that a healthy environment is vital for overall well-being.

The LifeQuality Sensor excels at monitoring three key factors that impact your health and comfort:

  • CO2 Levels: Equipped with a medical-grade sensor, it provides accurate readings of carbon dioxide levels. Elevated CO2 can negatively affect focus, productivity, and overall well-being.
  • Temperature: Fluctuating temperatures can be uncomfortable and lead to wasted energy. LifeQuality keeps you informed, allowing you to adjust your thermostat for optimal comfort and efficiency.
  • Humidity: Maintaining proper humidity levels helps prevent mold growth, which can damage your property and pose health risks.

LifeQuality allows you to set personalized thresholds for each factor. If these levels are exceeded, you’ll receive instant mobile alerts, empowering you to act and create a healthier, more comfortable environment.

Ajax Socket

You can control your appliances from anywhere with the Ajax Socket.  Turn devices on or off with a simple tap in the Ajax app, offering ultimate convenience from the comfort of your couch

The Ajax Socket integrates seamlessly with night mode settings. When you activate night mode, connected devices will automatically switch off, eliminating the need to manually turn off lights, fans, or other appliances.  This feature is perfect for creating a relaxing sleep environment and reducing energy consumption.

Looking to create even more automation magic? Great news! Ajax Systems is planning to introduce customizable scenarios in upcoming updates. This will allow you to tailor your smart home experience even further.

The Ajax Socket goes beyond simple on/off control.  The built-in LED ring displays the current load level through colour, giving you a quick visual indication of your energy usage. Low use is indicated by a green light. Yellow indicates moderate usage (around 550 Watts), orange signifies higher usage (around 1250 Watts), and anything beyond turns red, helping you identify potential overloads.


Our initial concerns about Ajax device installation quickly vanished. Setting up the Hub 2 Plus took mere minutes, and adding subsequent devices through the Ajax app was a breeze – a matter of seconds each.

While the Ajax Smart Home Alarm boasts an impressive range of sensors and device support, its initial setup is surprisingly straightforward.  However, professional installation and monitoring are recommended if you desire armed response functionality.  Finding a compatible third-party provider may require some research. Once configured, the system shines with its robust functionality and extensive customization options.

Although some individual devices carry a premium price tag, the user-friendly installation and operation make Ajax a compelling choice. The modular design allows you to gradually expand your security system over time without worrying about reinstalling or recalibrating components, thanks to the powerful Hub 2 Plus and its exceptional communication protocol.  Overall, the Ajax Smart Home Alarm offers a unique blend of comprehensive security, user-friendliness, and scalability.