Apple iOS 18 finally gives you home screen control

Apple unveiled iOS 18, a major software update for iPhones, at their annual WWDC conference. This fall release brings a wave of exciting features focused on personalization, privacy, messaging improvements, smarter apps, and a powerful new AI assistant called Apple Intelligence.

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iPhone users will finally have more control over their home screens with iOS 18. Flexible icon placement and a new theme engine for a unified colour scheme allow for deeper customization. Dark mode gets even better with darker app icons for improved eye comfort.  Privacy is also a priority. Users can now require authentication (like Face ID) to access specific apps or even hide them completely. Additionally, you have more control over which contacts third-party apps can see.

Liven up your messages with any emoji in a Tapback response or format text with bold, underline, italic, and strikethrough options. In emergencies, utilize satellite connectivity to send messages even without cell service. Long-awaited features like message scheduling (similar to Google Messages) and seamless image/video sharing with Android devices thanks to RCS messaging finally arrive.

Stay organized with Mail’s improved categorization, similar to Gmail’s sorting for transactions, updates, and promotions. A new Game Mode minimizes distractions and optimizes performance for the best mobile gaming experience.

iOS 18 boasts the biggest Photos app revamp ever! It’s optimized for massive photo libraries, featuring face sorting, pinnable collections for quick access, and smarter automatic grouping of people and pets.

Apple Intelligence (beta this fall) personalizes your iPhone experience like never before. This AI assistant understands you better than ever, prioritizing notifications, suggesting smarter actions with Siri, and even generating images within messages. Siri itself gets a boost, handling more natural conversations, answering a wider range of questions, and taking actions within other apps. Need to fill out a form? Siri can grab your driver’s license info and paste it automatically! Unleash your creativity with Genmoji, a feature that lets you design custom emoji. Voice Memos now includes transcriptions, and the Phone app can record calls with automatic transcription (with call participants notified).

Apple Intelligence will launch across iPhone, iPad, and Mac this fall. Additionally, ChatGPT integration is coming later this year, promising even more powerful AI capabilities. iOS 18 delivers a significant upgrade for iPhone users, offering a personalized, powerful, and intelligent mobile experience.