Exobrew is a smart home brewing machine for beginner beer

Exobrew, the latest entrant in the homebrewing market, showcased its innovative compact system at CES 2024. Following a trend set by companies like Picobrew and Brewie, as well as major players like LG and Whirlpool, Exobrew aims to simplify and streamline the homebrewing experience for beginners. The device, highlighted by its eye-catching orange keg, handles all aspects of the brewing process, from heating and cooling to fermentation and serving.

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The keg serves as the central hub, efficiently managing the brewing stages. During the mash, hot water is pumped out the top and circulated over the grains, while redirection of water during the boil prevents over-extraction. An intriguing feature is the rotating dispenser above the grain hopper, facilitating the addition of hops directly into the keg using muslin bags.

With temperature control, the keg cools for yeast addition, and the fermentation lid is applied, completing the entire brewing cycle in about four hours with minimal human intervention. Exobrew’s operation is exclusively controlled through a user-friendly app that downloads recipes from the cloud. While the system caters to inexperienced homebrewers, offering kits with pre-parsed ingredients, users can unlock recipe customization options with a subscription fee of $9 per month or $90 per year.

What sets Exobrew apart is its comprehensive single-vessel operation, eliminating the need for refrigeration and featuring self-cleaning capabilities. Despite these advantages, challenges exist, addressed by features designed to prevent common brewing pitfalls, such as a system to avoid off flavours caused by dimethyl sulphide, a top filter for sediment removal, and a conical interior with a valve for trub elimination.

The thoughtful design of Exobrew is evident, although it faces some hurdles. Its relatively large size may deter users from leaving it on the kitchen counter full-time. Moreover, the $879 price tag could be a substantial investment for beginners who might opt for more traditional and cost-effective brewing methods. While the system offers convenience and efficiency, allowing users to start the process and step away for four hours, experienced brewers may find it lacking in hands-on engagement.

For those seeking an easy way to enjoy freshly brewed beer with minimal involvement, Exobrew is open for pre-orders with a $165 down payment. The full payment is due upon manufacturing commencement, with production units expected to ship in the first quarter of the year.